4 Simple Tips on How to Grow Your Online Candy Store

Raisins and candied fruits on the shelf of a supermarket or groc

Running a business in 2021 can be very challenging. The whole landscape has changed, not to mention that the digital marketing game is constantly evolving. It can be overwhelming and even stressful for a small business owner to keep up with it all. Most of the time, you just have to hang on and have faith that what you’re selling has value to people.

But as simple and innocent as the concept of candy is, you need to have a good strategy in place when you’re running a business. Competition in every industry and market is fierce, especially given the past year and a half. But there are plenty of ways that you can still come out on top. 

Here are four simple tips on how to grow your online candy store:

Make it Fun

It’s essential to prioritize the business side of things and take it seriously. But when it comes to your concept and marketing, put yourself in the customers’ shoes. When you think of candy, what first comes to mind? Your childhood, fun, friends, and laughter. You should strive to evoke those emotions and memories in people with your products.

If you focus on how candy can make people happy, you’re heading in the right direction. And don’t be afraid to make a few mistakes. Although it’s a business, even if it wasn’t about candy, mistakes are inevitable. The best thing you can do is learn from them. 

If people can have fun with your products, it can reflect in your sales in the future.

Ask for Feedback

If you’re just starting, you probably want to test the waters first. See what people are interested in. You should start with classic flavors that people won’t think twice about buying. Build your customer base from there. 

Make sure to ask for feedback. You can do this either through a follow-up email or message. Send it after every purchase or through polls and surveys on your social media. You can figure out your next steps from the data you gather. You can either improve on what you currently have or provide new options.

Provide Options

As mentioned above, it’s essential to keep it interesting, especially for online businesses in this current market. Over time, once you’ve established your strengths, give your customers more variety. New flavors don’t necessarily have to be permanent. As long as you have your classic staples, you can play around with new offerings and keep them guessing. 

Free Samples

Depending on your business and supply, giving free samples doesn’t have to be a constant thing. If you can manage to give out free samples with every order, that’s great. But if you can’t, that’s also okay. If the samples aren’t anything new, they won’t provide that much value or return for you anyway. 

Use this strategy when you need to excite your customers. Giving our free samples is a great way to launch new products and flavors. And remember, always ask the customers that receive samples to give their review. 


The best thing you can offer your customers at a time like this is happiness or something to make them smile. At the very least, as a candy store owner, you have no shortage of that. Everybody loves candy. There’s nothing more simple and satisfying than unwrapping a bite-sized piece of goodness. 

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