4 Facts About Cigar Smoking Every Newbie Smoker Should Know


Although smoking isn’t the best habit to start, it’s also an excellent idea to learn the basic facts. There is a significant difference between cigar smoking and cigarette smoking, making it almost impossible to compare the two smoking methods against each other. However, for people starting the art of smoking cigars, here are some facts that may become useful for newbies.

1. Size Equals Content

Generally, the bigger the cigar, the stronger it is, including its flavor. The main difference between a cigar and a cigarette is that the former burns from the end, allowing them never to burn a hole in your pocket. It is also quite relaxing to smoke a cigar because it is not as dangerous as smoking a cigarette. For instance, you shouldn’t smoke a cigar the same way you smoke a cigarette. People should light cigars from the end but never suck on it.

Cigar smoking has been around for hundreds of years, and there is nothing like it. The feeling of smoking a cigar, the taste of tobacco, and all the things associated with it can make any man feel like a real man. Smoking cigars can be a hobby that lasts for a lifetime.

2. There Are Different Flavors

Cigars come in different flavors, either natural or artificial, and they are either in the wrapper or in the filler. Other flavors taste better with your favorite beverages, like Cognac or whiskey. For the best flavor, you can put a small amount of water on the cigar and then let it dry, a process called “wet burring.” It is pretty easy to choose the flavor if you don’t know. If you ever get a chance to try a cigar, you will be able to assess the flavor by simply tasting its wrapper.

3. Healthier Alternative

Every cigar has a certain number of puffs. The average number of breaths in a cigar is 25, while the average number of puffs in a cigarette is 20. Here’s the good news, cigars don’t contain nicotine and tar, which makes them a healthier option than cigarettes.

To put it simply, you can’t smoke a cigar too much. You can smoke it till the end and still be okay. Also, cigars have a lesser chance of causing cancer than cigarettes because they don’t contain tar, nicotine, and other harmful chemicals.

4. Cigars Last Longer

Cigars have a longer life expectancy than cigarettes. They have a higher shelf life so long as people store them properly. As a result, smokers can consume cigars longer than cigarettes. For instance, you can smoke your cigar for the first time, then store it for a few days until you smoke it again.


Cigars are a great smoking experience. They have been around for centuries and will still be here for centuries. Cigars can be considered a hobby, a pastime, a way of relaxing and enriching. The best part about cigars is that they don’t contain nicotine or tar, making them healthier than cigarettes.

Starting a new habit is never easy as it involves rigorous preparation for all kinds of challenges. Cigars may be a little complicated at first, but they are an excellent option considering the pleasure you get out of smoking one.

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